Courage Day:

The Life and Legacy of 

Brother Student Minister Phillip Muhammad

September 21, 2024  

3-6 pm

Bob Harrison Center

Huntsville, Alabama

Black Tie Event

R.S.V.P. *Free*

"On September 21, 2024, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join me in a significant event- celebrating the life and legacy (9-26-1962 to 2-25-2023) of my beloved husband, Phillip Muhammad. This event, steeped in our tradition, is a rare opportunity to honor and remember our loved ones who have passed away. In remembrance of Brother Phil, we recite scriptures, give charity, and perform as many good deeds as possible. The occasion is filled with upliftment, courage, and tributes, making it a truly special and privileged experience."

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Apply for the Phillip Muhammad Courage Scholarship

Brother Phillip exemplified extraordinary public service and exemplary contributions in Huntsville, Alabama. Courage was one of Brother Phil's profound characteristics.

 He performed voluminous acts of courage, faith, and leadership, which were witnessed by and testified about by hundreds of community members. 

Remembering Brother Phillip's good works allows others to do good deeds, be charitable, and exemplify courage, leadership, and faith. Let's continue the legacy by encouraging future action to restore our communities.

The Phillip Muhammad Courage Scholarships are being established. Students will be awarded on Courage Day, in honor of Brother Phillip. 


"Courage Day," Celebration of Life *September 21, 2024, *3-7 pm *Huntsville, Alabama

 In our tradition, a year after the person passes away, we recite the Quran, give to charity, and do good deeds on behalf of the deceased.  On Courage Day, we will honor Brother Phil with artistic tributes, give charity to the various charity booths, participate in community challenges, have dinner, and truly celebrate Brother Phillip's life and legacy.

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Who was Brother Student Minister Phillip Muhammad?

Phillip Muhammad was one of the greatest, and most charitable men who ever lived in Huntsville, Alabama. Not only did he feed the homeless, but he also fed the minds of young people. He was a mentor to gang bangers. He was a minister, an advocate, a community activist, a father, friend, and a loving husband.